About Us

Cutting Edge Institue Worldwide (CEIW) is a private training institution, located in Atlanta, Georgia. We are proud of our standard of academic excellence. Our students are tomorrow’s future Real Estate Consultants and Brokers. With an emphasis on character and ethics, CEIW is known for top notch training and highly skilled trainers.We offer a stimulating learning environment to all students using a mixture of training methods.

Our varying styles of training which include use of the latest technology helps equip our students with greater understanding of the subject matters pertaining to working in the Real Estate Industry. Our training curriculum is approved by Georgia Real Estate Commission and meets the required guidelines for training as a Real Estate Sales Consultant, Broker and continuing education needs. Cutting Edge Institute Worldwide staff believes that our primary purpose is to educate each student to the highest possible level so upon completion of our curriculum they can enter into their new career with the necessary tools to excel and succeed. We are committed to producing excellent trained individuals to help set a higher standard of service in our field.

Our Mission:

The mission of Cutting Edge Institute Worldwide is to help every student reach his or her potential by providing in depth knowledge and understanding of operating in the Real Estate Industry.